About ScoreMore
Rating Model
Automated rating system that integrates into any platform
ScoreMore algorithms allow to automatically valuate the project and participants of the platform basing on their experience, project roles and the investment activity. ScoreMore is the official rating integrated with BitRussia crowdfunding platform
Our Services
ScoreMore algorithm will automatically estimate your
Automated rating
ScoreMore prepares a project
analysis report on the results
of Due Diligence.
In-depth rating
We will pack your business to communicate with investors and attract investments.
White Paper
What we estimate automatically
Volume and Growth of the project market
Staffing, Experienced Team, Successful Projects
Promotion and marketing
Mention in social networks, Number of subscribers, News portals
The complexity of copying, The degree of readiness, Innovation
Site and application
Available languages, Rating of the application and Number of site visits
Target Audience and Sales Model
Technical component
How to use token, Technology and Smart contracts
Financial component
Turnover, CAC, LTV, Net Profit and NPV
Package of documents
WhitePaper, Financial Model and Presentation of the Company
Based on the information received, ScoreMore algorithm automatically calculates the project rating
For whom rating brings the greatest value?
To understand with what risks their investment may be associated.
To check the degree of their readiness to raise funds
Who need to understand which project looks more reliable.
Which, based on our research, will
be able to conclude whether to take on a project or not, or to check any of their projects
To make sure whether the draft legislation is in violation or not
Regulators and supervisors
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